About “Past-Life” Regression

Does the soul continue its journey from one life into the next?  Is there even such a ‘thing’ as a soul?  And how can we possibly know any other life other than the one we are living this very moment?  There are all good questions, for which I have no definitive answers.  However, this powerful therapy requests that we shelve our need to know these answers and explore the subconscious mind regardless of where these visions originate.

In this therapy you will be guided to journey into your unconscious/subconscious mind to heal emotional wounds, blockages, and negative patterns that are hindering you from living your life to the peak of your potential.  Belief in past lives is not necessary to receive the benefits of this work. The only prerequisite is an open mind and the willingness to journey into the subconscious in order to heal.

This particular method of past life regression therapy, and there exists a variety of methods and techniques, was invented by Osho, and further developed by one of Osho’s closest disciples named Devageet. Devageet is my teacher B. Naga Kumar’s teacher.

Sessions can vary in duration, lasting anywhere from 1.5 – 2.5 hours.  We use our time together wisely, to get to the roots of the presenting issue (or issues) so that you can move forward into a more empowered existence.  Sometimes only one session is needed for clients to receive the clarity and healing they seek, though some clients find it helpful to engage in subsequent sessions to resolve additional issues they wish to address.  Sessions can only take place in person.



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