I met Jessica at a meditation group while I was traveling in India. She told me about her past life healing sessions and I thought it sounded really strange, and perhaps a little too new age-y for me. I really liked Jessica’s friendly smile, good nature, and helpful personality so I decided to give it a shot.¬†Jessica asked me some questions about myself and patiently explained how everything would work. She made sure I was comfortable, physically and emotionally, with the work we were about to do. Despite my skepticism, Jessica was able to get me where she wanted me to go; to a trance-like state where I was fully conscious, just able to see into my past life. It was truly amazing. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. What happened during the session was very personal, and it was largely because I felt so comfortable with Jessica that I was able to let my guard down and allow everything [to] happen. I don’t understand exactly how it happened, but after that session, I felt better, I felt lighter, and I felt more at ease. It wasn’t magic; it just helped me to see some of my issues more clearly, and from a different perspective. I would highly recommend a session with Jessica.”